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At Lake Macquarie Square, we know sustainability is important for our stakeholders, from investors and tenant customers to the communities we operate in.

We’ve created a framework to help define and set specific sustainability objectives for our business. Drawing on our guiding principles, and aligned with our corporate strategy, it enables us to be more accountable and work towards delivering long-term outcomes that are positive for the communities in which we operate. 

Guided by our purpose, to secure a better future for all, and through stakeholder engagement, we've identified where we should focus our environmental, social and governance efforts.


Charter Hall corporate environmental and social initiatives 

Lake Macquarie Square Community Contribution


Current Initiatives

Green Star Certification

The Lake Macquarie Square redevelopment has achieved a 4 Star Green Star - Design & As Built v1.1 certified rating from Green Building Council of Australia in 2020.

The Green Star rating tool assesses the sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings within Australia and a 4 Star rating represents Australian Best Practice in building design and construction. Lake Macquarie is the first retail asset to achieve a Green Star rating for Charter Hall.  

The centre redevelopment was finalised early 2019. Fresh, modern aesthetics have been integrated with a new kids playground, amenities with parents rooms and a dining precinct. 

This is all to be enjoyed with our free parking including undercover parking and easy, convenient shopping.


Return & Earn

Return and Earn is a NSW container deposit scheme that will help to reduce more than 160 million drink containers littered in NSW every year. Bottles, cans and cartons make up a large proportion of the litter on our streets, beaches and green spaces. Tackling the problem costs NSW millions of dollars every year. Return and Earn is a way for us all to help solve the litter problem and be rewarded for our efforts.

Lake Macquarie Square is proud to have introduced a Return and Earn Recycling Station.  The station can be found in the car park, near the Big W loading dock.


Past Initiatives


In Good Hands - The Two Good Cookbook Campaign

From November 7th - 23rd 2019, Lake Macquarie Square invited shoppers to cash in their receipts when they spent $30 in a specialty store or $80 in a major store to receive a complimentary Two Good Co Cookbook with all proceeds from the Cookbook providing direct funding of the Two Good Work Work Program. 

The total value of the 250Two Good cookbooks purchased by Lake Macquarie Square enabled the Two Good Work Work to continue their mission of spreading love and respect to all, while continuing to build employment pathways which supports, trains and employs women from domestic violence safe houses who prepare cookbook meals, which are then distributed to shelters around the country.


Love Another Mother - Mother's Day Two Good Campaign 

From May 3rd - 9th 2019, Lake Macquarie Square invited shoppers to share their favourite memory with their mum on Facebook for the chance to receive 1 of 70 Two Good Co Care Packs to gift to their Mum for mother's day. For every comment shared by shoppers, Lake Macquarie Square delivered a care pack to women living in a local domestic violence refuge on Mother's Day. Lake Macquarie Square donated and delivered 70 care packs to a local shelter and raised awareness of domestic violence in the local community. 


Dam Good - Drought Relief Campaign  

Late last year, 20 of our shopping centres, including Lake Macquarie Square, hosted our ‘Dam Good’ drought relief campaign, collecting $196k in funds for drought affected Aussie farmers within our local communities.

Craig Marsh, Business Development Manager Rural Aid said “Thanks to the generous donation of Charter Hall and their shoppers, Rural Aid has been able to deliver approximately 800 large bales of hay, equating to 27 semi-trailer loads and 50 truckloads of water, approximately 180,000 litres each drop across 20 farming and rural communities.”


Project: Green Schools – Sustainable Community Campaign

Through our mission to enrich the communities in which we operate, Lake Macquarie Square has supported local primary schools to drive education around sustainability through the national community campaign Project: Green Schools which ran from March 9th – April 3rd, 2020.

Shoppers simply spent $20 in specialty stores or $60 at any major to receive a biodegradable token with a QR code. Shoppers scan the QR code on their token and follow the steps to vote for their favourite school to win the main prize.