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Meet Josh

Jetts Fitness

It all started with a knock on the door. Windale local and Men’s Shed volunteer Sydney Bishop (Chuck) was seeking assistance. Our Jetts owner and community driven local, Josh Day saw a man who had once been a Football referee, standing tall and proud with a strong body, who in ageing has restricted movement with his left knee and a long battle with food.

Josh and his team at Jetts committed to Chuck to help him regain his strength; and his life. He worked with Chuck to provide some guidelines around healthy food choices, including cutting out white bread and introducing limited fruits and vegetables. Josh went on a shopping trip with Chuck and talked through reasons behind shopping behaviour. He identified there were price points that Chuck had made purchasing decisions based on. Josh rethought his way of thinking and offered alternative behaviour, such as shopping at different times to get discounted products.

Josh has a passion for fitness after winning his own health and fitness battles. He took over Jetts Fitness Mount Hutton because of this passion and his wish to work with our community on driving results. Previous to this, Josh had worked in the air force for 10 years, with an ironic change from Jets, to Jetts.

Jetts Fitness at Mount Hutton is proactively supporting the Windale Men’s Shed. An alliance that is also held with Lake Macquarie Square development. 

The recently refurbished store has two personal trainers and is available 24/7 with facilities including shower and amenities and lockers. Memberships start from $12.95 per week with 24 access, nutritional guide on sign up and an orientation of the equipment and facilities on offer. Josh is also looking at implementing classes at the gym, including bootcamp sessions.

Call the friendly team on 0249481461 to find out how you can jet into your fitness goals.