Free Justice of the Peace

Do you need the services of a Justice of the Peace? 

You will find a free Justice of the Peace service available in centre, between 10am - 1pm on the fourth Saturday of every month.

JP's can witness and certify your routine legal documents such as wills, affidavits, statutory declarations and passport applications. Justices of the Peace volunteer their services to provide an integral link in the judicial system.

You will find the Justice of the Peace service located near Chemist Warehouse.

The JP will be available on the following dates in 2021:

Saturday 27 March   10am - 1pm
Saturday 24 April  10am - 1pm
Saturday 22 May   10am - 1pm
Saturday 26 June   10am - 1pm
Saturday 24 July  10am - 1pm
Saturday 28 August   10am - 1pm
Saturday 25 September   10am - 1pm
Saturday 23 October   10am - 1pm
Saturday 27 November   10 am - 1pm